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Chapter 11: Ariel-Group business world
Before I gave up my uniform, the air force granted me two personal services: an air force plastic surgeon removed the number the Nazis had tattooed on my arm (I have kept the scrap of skin in a drawer as a souvenir of eternal infamy); and, on February 20, 1951, the air force’s chief rabbi held a wedding ceremony for me and the wife of my choice, Rachel Rosenberg.
When I founded my company in 1951, I named it “Ariel”, for the air force base in Jaffa. “Ariel”’s modest first steps were taken while I was still in uniform.
After I established my business, I started flying again. First I bought a one-engine Piper Cherokee together with some friends, a few years later a Piper Twin Commanchee, and then a Piper Aztec - all second-hand. In the 80s I ordered a new Piper Aztec, which I fly until today.